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This paper deals with the large amount of waste generated by the mining industry in the process of extraction of minerals which is a great threat to the environment leading to air pollution, soil pollution and many other hazardous effects to the environment as well as human lives. This paper broadly present the comprehensive approach for mine waste generated during the entire mining process right from the mineral extracting to the beneficiation process which provides a complete view of the mine waste generated by the different methods like surface mining, underground mining and etc, used in the extraction process of minerals from the earth’s crust. The result material created by the mineral beneficiation or milling process and various method of disposing this tailings without effecting the environment. This paper also reviews about the impacts of this mine waste on the environment and regulation related to mining waste process and propose the continues and comprehensive process for waste management in mining for the minimization the impact on the environment.


Key word:

Mining, waste management, Environment, Management system

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